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Some actors are good at playing roles of bad guys and ambiguous characters. That could be said about famous Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston. The overwhelming majority remember him for the role of antagonist Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of his last works is a role in Kong: Skull Island. The actor received the critical acclaim after starring in the British series The Night Manager. Another well-known film with his participation is Crimson peak, in which he plays the role of villain.

Gothic Romance

Crimson peak is a chilling story of the mystery of the Sharpe family and their mansion Allerdale Hall, which is also known as Crimson Peak for its red clay mine. The film was made by Guillermo del Toro, who also directed the terrible tale, Pan’s Labyrinth and the recently released The Shape of Water, for which he received the prize of the Venetian film festival as best Director. The del Toro’s stories are easily recognized for their dark and mysterious atmosphere that can also be attributed to Crimson peak. Interestingly, the director himself defined the genre of this movie as gothic romance and, in our opinion, it is more suitable for Crimson Peak than horror or thriller.


Young writer Edith meets a mysterious stranger named Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), and immediately falls in love with him. After the wedding, Thomas brings young wife to his family estate and introduces her to his strange sister Lucille. Ancient and gloomy mansion scares Edith, she begins to see ghosts and horrifying visions, and over time, she is immersing herself in the terrible history of the Sharpe family. Sinister murders, abductions, family secrets and skeletons in the cupboard make this movie dynamic and exiting. Moreover, many popular actors take part in this film.

The cast

The main role in the film is performed by pretty Mia Wasikowska, who is familiar to audience for her role as Alice in Tim Burton’s movie and the role of Jane Eyre. She perfectly plays the role of a young loving woman and it is interesting to watch her interactions with the character of Hiddleston. Jessica Chastain, Golden globe awards winner, plays the role of Thomas’s sister, Lucille. Together with Hiddleston she created a scary, mysterious relationship of brother and sister, which give you goose bumps. Hero of Charlie Hunnam creates a great contrast to Thomas, appearing in the image of a noble close friend of Edith.

The hero of Ton Hiddleston

In this film Tom Hiddleston appears as the mysterious owner of spooky manor. His character seems charming and handsome, but he keeps a terrible mystery, so the viewer will uncover all dark secrets of his soul. Like in most other films in the career of the actor, his character in Crimson peak is not unequivocal: on the one hand, he did terrible things, but on the other, it seems like even in his soul there is a place for something bigger. Hiddleston managed to create an interesting image and it is quite entertaining to watch the development of his character.

Features of the movie

Despite the mixed reactions of the audience and critics, the film still deserves attention due to the Gothic atmosphere, the cast and stunning scenery. This film is unlikely to give the feeling of thrill and adrenaline, so fans of horror may not be perfectly satisfied with it. The movie is more suitable for those who do not like pointless bloody scenes and who are more afraid of human actions and motivation. It is also not a philosophical or silly romantic story. Nevertheless, there are features of different genres in this movie, so Crimson Peak will definitely find its audience and even fans.


All in all, Crimson peak is more likely to be seen as an entertaining scary movie for home viewing, though it has unexpected moments and interesting and intriguing twists. Obviously, it is not the most outstanding project in the filmography of Tom Hiddleston, but, who cares, if he is so good at roles of ambiguous characters and outright villains?

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