Eloise Mumford and Dakota Johnson


GLAMOUR: So when do you begin shooting 50 Shades Darker?

Eloise: I’m unsure I’m enabled to state yet it is taking place and also I am truly eagerly anticipating seeing the remainder of the actors once more as well as the staff. We had such a remarkable household as well as I indicate, undoubtedly it was a really bonding experience to fire this flick since there was a lot buzz around it therefore much expectancy therefore anywhere we went there was followers. All of us adhered a great deal throughout the entire experience so I can not wait to see them once more.

GLAMOUR: As well as just how did you as well as Dakota work with your chemistry when you were practicing as well as points?

Eloise: We got on truly well instantly, the majority of right stuff remained in our house for the initial couple of weeks of recording so we were learning more about each various other when recording. She is a lot enjoyable, she is very funny and also we adhered over the procedure of all of it, and also the enjoyment of all of it as well as had a fun time with each other.

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